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Are you a gentleman seeking an  elite escort agency which matches your own level of competence and professionalism whilst at the same time conducting your affairs with the highest levels of security?   We may be the agency you have been looking for…..Founded in 2002 VIP Girls was established to provide elite, Edgware Road escorts to discerning clients on an international level.  Our elite escort agency is the key to accessing a portfolio of beautiful, sophisticated escorts derived from the world of film, modelling and entertainment.  Our elite escort agency is backed by the highest standards of integrity, honesty and unparalleled levels of security.


Our elite escort agency are able to supply escorts in Birmingham for a variety of functions including:

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VIP Girls elite escort agency commands a low profile in the world of elite escorts.   However, this is no accident on our behalf.  It is part of the machinery of VIP Girls.   Many clients of our elite escort agency maintain high-level positions in society.    It is therefore essential that a certain degree of secrecy on our behalf is maintained in order to act unimpeded.   How would you feel as a client of your bank if your personal finances were divulged to a third party having no right to such information?   Bank’s do not refer to it as “secrecy” but “client confidentiality”.  Do you now understand the viewpoint of VIP Girls?Our clients appreciate their discreet relationship with us.  Ironically once an elite escort agency becomes a name “to mention” then in many ways it has reached the stage of relegation.  Contrary to popular belief any elite escort agency does not promote itself lavishly on the many escort portals to be found no more than any elite, female escort partakes in offering her services to any client.  Ask yourself the question when was the last time a classic timepiece such as a Patek Phillipe or exclusive motorcar like an Aston Martin were marketed extensively via the media?   Such companies never need to shout of their wares.  Instead they are a quiet whisper.


Our elite escort agency service is not for everyone and will appeal to the man with a high disposable income.  Our clients, although of varied backgrounds, tend to be towards the executive end of the market.  Although price is a consideration such men understand that quality is never profuse and a higher price tag is usually attached to such services.  VIP Girls elite escort agency welcome a close liaison with our clients.  We like to understand their needs to ensure a perfect match with one of our stunning, elite escorts.    For this reason they are rarely “here today gone tomorrow” men.  Furthermore, having tried our elite escort agency services many clients would not think of using anyone else.  Having found the gem amongst the rubbish it is usually advisable never to discard such an item of value!


In order for clients to avail themselves of our elite escort agency service it is necessary to become a registered member. Membership ensures we attract the right type of clientele to our elite escort agency.  The various benefits obtained by the client are commensurate with the clients’ chosen membership level.  A client may change their membership at any time.  Any fees which have not been utilised by a client in a membership package will be transferred to the next level.VIP Girls Elite escort agency currently have 3 membership options:



This is the lowest level option for clients and for many clients acts as a “taster” of what VIP Girls is all about. It provides a client with access to the “Standard Gallery” of elite escorts for 2 months. >> Apply for bronze Membership


This second tier of VIP Girls elite escort agency membership gives a client access to our “Standard Gallery” for a full 6 months.  This package also includes the VIP Girls Membership card. >> Apply for silver Membership


Gold Membership represents the highest membership level attainable within VIP Girls elite escort agency.  A client is provided a personal membership card plus access to both “Standard” and “Supreme” portfolios of models, dancers and actresses.    The Supreme Gallery within VIP Girls comprises over 20 super-elite escorts available on a truly international basis.  These female escorts are awarded the highest accolade by VIP Girls and represent the ultimate in female escorting excellence.   VIP Girls restrict membership at this level to ensure complete attention at all times to existing clients. >> Apply for Gold Membership


VIP Girls elite escort agency understand that the the use of elite escort services is a highly private matter for an individual.  Bearing this in mind we exercise the utmost care when dealing with all aspects of our clients business from the initial setting up of the VIP Girls account to bookings and any subsequent communication (whether via email or telephone) conducted between client and agency.Other agencies purport to give a person complete confidentiality but we go much further.  We are the only elite escort service to implement PGP so that clients may communicate with us in complete security.  If an agency preaches such high levels of security then wouldn’t it be feasible to also practice that to which they themselves subscribe?  Our Public Key can be found here

In fact the matter of privacy is given so much priority by us that we actually provide information on keeping matters secret and away from prying eyes. Our privacy policy can be read here  We also provide clients with details of recommend leading software to assist them.   Details can be found here

If you are someone genuinely concerned over privacy and you cannot use PGP then we recommend the use of  Cryptainer LE produced by Cypherix.   It allows anyone, irrespective of technical knowledge, the ability to send emails using an unbreakable encryption algorithm.  Further details can be found here


VIP Girls elite escorts are very special girls indeed.  How else could we cater to the elite clients who use our eliteescort agency and demand exceptional standards every time?  Physical beauty is one thing but a true elite escort comprises far more than just a pretty face.  Sometimes underneath the physical shell can lurk a shallow and cold personality – hardly the kind of girl who would entertain a client and ignite his senses!VIP Girls elite escort agency place great store in this aspect of our business.  We believe that when a client books an elite escort through our agency it should be a rewarding and stimulating experience.

The elite escorts who represent VIP Girls elite escort agency are chosen for their beauty, sophistication and engaging personality. Whether you seek a lady for a dinner date, formal event or simply relaxation they will hit the mark everytime.  In fact so certain of we of the standards we set ourselves we actually guarantee your satisfaction.  No other agency are able to provide such a statement of complete assurance.

For further details of the exacting standards we impose on our policy of recruitment please click here


A new addition to our services is our “bespoke” escort finding service available on both Silver and Gold Membership packages.   Although we do our utmost to recruit high calibre escorts sometimes the specific requirements of a client cannot be met.   Tastes vary tremendously from person to person.  If we do not have the escort you require we will find one.    Due to the unique nature of this service by VIP Girls it is impossible to lay down any strict guidelines to clients.  However, it is true to state that such a service would only be available to a client seeking a liaison with an escort for a longer term engagement or a full-time basis.


VIP Girls elite escort agency are a totally independent escort service and are not associated or affiliated with any other agency bearing a similar name.



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